20th Central Missouri Vegetable and Greenhouse Tour

Wednesday August 28, 2019*

 The 20th Central Missouri Vegetable & Greenhouse Tour -   “Rain  or Shine”.

 Consistent with previous years, we will meet at the Central Missouri  Produce Auction (CMPA) and the set out.

This event is free and open to all. 

Tentative schedule (you are welcome to arrive up until noon) 

10:00   AM                  Gather & visit ‘on your own’ the auction.

  • The Central Missouri Produce Auction - During sale time, two auctioneers are selling. Their email sales reports are a standard of efficiency and transparency. They accept credit cards!       

    Also during this time, you may want to check out:

  • Missouri Department of Agriculture will be available to answer questions about food safety regulations. 

    11 until 11:45             Grab lunch if you want some

  • For those registering in time for a free lunch**, you’ll get a coupon of $7 value to use at the food stand. 

    11:45 to 12:15             Introductions and discussion at the produce auction. Representatives from places such as:

  • MVGA, MU Extension, MO Dept. of Ag,

    12:30 to 2:00 PM      Field Tomatoes Under Cover – James Shirk; Melon growing & tasting, James Quinn & James Shirk.

  • James Shirk and some other growers became frustrated with foliar diseases and field tomatoes some years back. They responded by moving all their ‘field’ tomatoes under cover. James’s ‘tunnel’ can be moved and has no sides. Given its been in use a few years we thought this would be a good time to hear how it has worked out.

  • A novelty melon trial was funded by MO Dept. of Ag to MU Extension/James Quinn. He’ll have those melons to taste test and melon production will be discussed with James Shirk, who is one of the leading melon growers for the produce auction.

  • A variety of other vegetable crops are also grown at the Shirk farm, including greenhouse tomatoes. 

2:00 to 3:30 PM          Vegetables and now peaches too. James Leid farm. Discussion with John Kruse.

  • James Leid’s farm has been on the farm tour before and he grows a variety of vegetables including greenhouse tomatoes. He recently planted a number of peach trees.

  • John Kruse is a new Ag Economist at University of Missouri who has an interest in locally grown fresh produce.  We’ll have some discussion with him at this stop.

 To register or for more information:  call 573-378-5358 or e-mail  klindworthd@missouri.edu.  Just let us know you are coming and how many will be in your party.

* Directions to the farms will be provided at the auction at the check-in table.

**Free lunch is limited to the first 70

Sponsored by: University of Missouri Cole County and Morgan County Extension. Thanks to the NRCS for sponsoring the lunches through a grant program. 

 This is the produce auction web site which includes directions.


For those that do e-mail but not internet, here is the address:

37808 Highway E
Fortuna MO 65034

 Questions? Send an email…….