Letter from the Board

Dear MVGA Member, 

We have several exciting developments that have occurred since the start of the year to bring you up to date on. They are: 

· The MVGA website has been redesigned to be more modern, and simple! It is now on software the will allow updates to made more quickly and easily. It is still a ‘work in progress’, e.g. the newsletters and the search option for old articles has yet to be completed. But there are a number of improvements, like one can now by for one’s membership on line. Take a moment to check it out. 

· The MVGA treasurer function has been moved to the Morgan County Extension Center. MVGA’s bank is now The Bank of Versailles and checks can be issued from the extension center. However, the MVGA treasurer approves those expenses and the account is also reviewed by the Morgan County Extension Council. Most secretary functions have been managed by the Morgan County Extension Center for a number of years; this combined with the treasurer activities allows for the association to be managed more efficiently. [in case you weren’t at the Great Plains Growers Conference, this change was discussed and approved at the annual meeting]  

·MVGA has also submitted a grant titled “Increasing Beekeeping and Honey Production in Missouri” to the Specialty Crops program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the USDA. The good news is that it passed the first test as a ‘concept paper’ and was turned in as a full proposal. Keep your fingers crossed for this $31,000 project. It will allow vegetable growers to partner with beekeepers in new ways and both ‘honey and vegetables’ will benefit economically, for our benefit and agriculture in general. We should get word by September if not before.

 Featured on the May, 2014 newsletter